Audition Trivia

Historical Notes

Judges for District and Region Auditions in Lexington
2000 – 2015
Katherine Ciesinski
Mignon Dunn
Jennifer Larmore
Catherine Malfitano
Johanna Meier
Susanne Mentzer
Anna Moffo
Ashley Putnam
Diana Soviero
Carol Vaness

Douglas Ahlstedt
Charles Anthony
Richard Best
Wolfgang Brendel
Dominic Cossa
Carroll Freeman
Anthony Dean Griffey
Anthony Laciura
George Shirley
Sherrill Milnes
Stanford Olsen
Paul Plishka
Samuel Ramey
Andrew Wentzel

Total combined Metropolitan Opera Performances: 9645 !!

Directors, Agents, Coaches and Administrators:

Susan Ashbaker
Joan Dorneman
Linda Hall

Peter Clark
George Darden
Bruce Donnell
Mikael Eliason
Christopher Hahn
Martin Katz
Paul Kilmer
Marcus Küchle
Kevin Murphy
Gayletha Nichols
Ken Noda
Dan Novak
Danielle Orlando
William J. Powers
Peter Randsman
David Roth
John Wustman

Add legendary Martina Arroyo, Christine Georke with pianist Bradley Moore, and baritone Bo Skovhus with pianist Warren Jones, who did not serve as judges but conducted master classes for UK Opera Theatre, and the total Metropolitan Opera performances by our guests will be 9,951 (and still rising…)

Other lecturers for UKOT:
Dr. Juergen Schebera (the world’s leading authority on Kurt Weill),
Michael Walsh (author of “Who’s Afraid of Opera ?” and “Who’s Afraid of Classical Music ?”

Compiled by Henno Lohmeyer, who has graciously arranged for the judges each year.

From Lexington to Lincoln Center