Directions for Contestants and Judges

The 2019 Competition will be held at the Singletary Center for the Arts on the campus of the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky.

Reserved parking for contestants, judges, and other VIPs is located to the left of the main entrance and in the lot behind the Singletary Building.

Please enter the building through the main entrance. Immediately inside the entrance will be the registration table where you are to check in and receive further instructions.

Green Room: Toward the rear of the building (Room 147 on map of interior of building) is an area for gathering, snacking, and socializing.

The rear entrance to the venue is considered the handicap entrance and is not ordinarily for use by the general public, but you may use it if need be once you have registered.

Schmidt Vocal Arts Center, across Rose Street from Singletary is the where you may be asked to go after completion of the event in Singletary. This would be for you to speak individually with the judges to hear their evaluation of your performance.  There is additional parking behind this building, but it is not reserved.




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