Master Classes

Since the MONC Kentucky District Auditions are held in Lexington, Master Classes by some of the judges complement the audition weekends.The master classes are free and open to all singers.

Past master classes:

2016 District: Stephanie Sundine

2015 District: Jennifer Larmore

2014 District: Wolfgang Brendel

2013 District: Carol Vaness

2012 District: Joan Dornemann

2011 District: Sherrill Milnes

2010 District: Samuel Ramey

2009 District: Cynthia Lawrence

2008 District: Catherine Malfitano

2007 Regional: Mignon Dunn

2007 District: Ashley Putnam
                    Charles Anthony

2006 District: Katherine Ciesinski
George Shirley

2005 District: Kevin Murphy
Diana Soviero

2004 District: Anthony Dean Griffey
Region: Benita Valente

2003 District: Stanford Olsen

2002 District: Paul Plishka

2001 District: Sherrill Milnes
Region: Susanne Mentzer

2000 District: Anna Moffo

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