Met National Council Auditions


Even in this extraordinary year, the Metropolitan Opera has chosen to continue with the annual National Council Auditions, with proper adjustments to ensure safety. We in the Kentucky District are happy to participate. For the 2020-21 MONC auditions:

  • Teachers of singing, view detailed information here.
  • The Kentucky District Audition will take place virtually, as a live stream, on Sunday, November 8, beginning at 11 AM. Singers will sing from their home locations.
  • Sadly, the virtual district auditions will be closed to the public because of technical and copyright restrictions.
  • Applications for singers are open from September 1–October 5, 2020. This year, singers must complete a qualifying round in order to be offered the opportunity to compete in a district audition. All details about the structure, logistics, requirements and even managing performance conditions are available here.
  • The Kentucky District expects to host 20 singers. The deadline for qualified singers to apply to the Kentucky District is October 20, or when capacity is reached.
  • Kentucky’s District is part of the Central Region, which will hold its regional auditions, via live stream, on March 21, 2021, at 1 PM.

While all of us regret that the virtual auditions will keep our enthusiastic Kentucky opera fans from hearing the latest group of wonderful new singers just yet, we are grateful that the Met has found a way to conduct the auditions safely. We are gratified that our group of community volunteers can continue to support opera’s youngest stars.

We all look forward to hearing opera’s newest stars as soon as we possibly can!

Photo credit: Sally Horowitz Photography

The Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions are a nation-wide vocal competition. In this season of auditions there are 42 District auditions sites and 13 Regional auditions sites throughout the continental United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Over 1,500 singers between the ages of 20 and 30 participate in the District audition of his or her choice. Winners at the District level advance to compete in their Region Finals.

The fabled stage of the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center in New York is the desired destination for all young singers participating  in the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions.  Winning the Kentucky District competition – and being rewarded a ticket to the Central Regional Finals – is the first hurdle to overcome in this career steeplechase.

Since the beginning of the new millennium, Lexington serves as the Kentucky starting point for the thrilling annual ritual to discover  the most promising new opera talent in North America. The Kentucky District Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, sponsored by the OperaLex are open to eligible singers from all over the country and Canada.

We invite you to make your not so impossible dream a reality with an impressive appearance at the Kentucky District Auditions. You can trust the experience of our judges and be assured that you are welcomed with open arms.

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